What we stand for

Constantly questioning

Work across industries to stay curiously inquisitive

Own the journey

Collaborate through each step of the way

Seriously humorous

Create great things while having fun along the way

Adapt, grow and share

Work in new areas, modern tools and ways of working

The past year

Work delivered

  1. ENVD v1

  2. ENVD Pilot

  3. CommSec design system

  4. Hines property content system

Growth areas

  1. Design systems

  2. Remote usability testing

  3. Remote contextual inquiries

  4. Supply chain intelligence

New clients

  • Hines

  • Visit Sunshine Coast

Products in development

Componentised product generation

  • Ability to create shareable components that can be used to create millions of product variants

  • All controlled in one location via a product admin

  • Shopify integration to push complete products to allow sale through existing channels

  • Packaged interface for vendors to integrate into their own custom solutions

Trail and traceability

  • Stress tested with multiple industries

  • Combined with composite to allow component tracking through a supply chain

  • Integration with a number of different systems and common databases

Financial growth

Hello Human has seen growth in the Agriculture development space of 30% YoY. We envision increased income within the following research areas:

  • Finance and banking process

  • Organisational process and workflow efficiencies

  • Agricultural systems and traceability

  • Fitness and health

Plus within our design system teams we are likely to see an increase of 20% YoY, with rapid prototyping and testing methods on the increase.

FY21 and beyond

Continue in Agriculture

We see increased work within the red meat and other Agricultural spaces:

  • Research into supply chains

  • Offline capabilities and barriers to data entry

  • Transporter investigations including tooling and process workflows

Design systems

  • Continued growth within financial design systems

  • Expand into tourism, retail and fitness

How Design Systems Transform a Business

Traceability and transparency

  • Trail continues to be a focus with potential expansion into wool, grains and horticulture

  • Machine learning will continue to grow with addition of new key members to provide big data analysis expertise


Balance Sheet FY19

Balance Sheet 2019


James Cooke, director Hello Human