Our solution

Hello Human’s proposed solution would include a custom messaging platform built specifically to cater for your high-level requirements, this platform would allow for the creation, scheduling and notification handling of templated or free text messaging.

This messaging platform will integrate with a custom business rules manager (workflow) that will handle the pre-defined business rules that can be edited online as well as cater for the creation of new business rules without the need for developer involvement.

The messaging system will connect to a text-to-voice service that can generate near-to-perfect human voice audio based on the input message which will then be saved to a Cloud location and published to the appropriate channels. This automation of voice will save a great deal of time and money by making studio voice recording redundant and considerably reduce the time to publish new messages.

Working in an Agile environment and utilising design thinking tools and methodologies the Hello Human team will work with the Transport teams to ensure we build the right things at the right time, utilising user feedback and research to ensure the outcomes are both functional and usable.

Voice prototype

Thanks for your time, we look forward to hopefully working together