The team

We recommend providing a team of 2-4 people for an initial 8-12 week engagement, this team would consist of Service design (researchers) and UX product designers to ensure an overlap of insight gathering and concept/solution design.

During this initial engagement, the team will help define how KPMG and Human work together, identifying key touchpoints, communication requirements and setup any tooling.

Our process

The Human team would be focused on the discover and design phases of the product delivery lifecycle, each project would have a kick-off workshop prior to any research gathering and a retrospective to run through insights and improve our processes going forwards.

Read more about our methodologies and their definitions.

Design Thinking Process

Project kick-off

At the start of each project, a kick-off workshop would be organised to:

  • Run through the business canvas and get a shared understanding of the project’s current state

  • Identify any risks or potential issues that may affect timelines or outcomes

  • Identify assumptions and knowledge gaps that need to be reduced

  • Ask questions to be answered or followed up

Research and solution validation

The research and solution team would utilise a number of different frameworks to conduct research, generate insights, create concept designs for testing and validation and compile necessary reports.

Methodologies selected would be dependent on the project requirements, timelines and research needs. Insights gathered and validated will be reported and compiled as agreed with KPMG to help inform your roadmap and feature development.

Project wrap-up

Once the initial engagement has completed, we recommend running retrospectives with the research and solution team and key members within KPMG to understand:

  • What worked well

  • What didn’t work as well as it could

  • How we can improve this process going forward

This process can also be used after any subsequent projects to ensure we continuously improve our methodologies, process and any communications between the teams.

Future projects & growing the team

After the initial engagement, a retainer could be put in place for a set number of “core team members” to ensure continuity and maintaining domain knowledge between projects. By having a project backlog, the team can prepare in advance to bring in additional resources or capabilities when required and highlight any concerns that need to be addressed before a project starts.

Why we’re a good fit

We believe Human is a good fit for working in this way as it aligns with our product delivery mindset of discovering and validating potential solutions early on before spending time, resource and money on go-to-market solutions that may not be a good fit.

The human teams are experienced in managing and engaging stakeholders throughout the research, testing and validation phases to help ensure we deliver the right things, for the right reasons.

Cost and rate cards

Hello Human's rate cards, correct as at May 2020, are available to download here.

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